Non Traditional co-working spaces have a variety of amenities

Non traditional office spaces are taking over the way modern business is conducted. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on renting and staffing a big office, more small businesses are instead opting for the more flexible option of renting out space in a shared office space. Not sure if a shared office is right for you? Here are just a few of the perks:

Convenient location – Everyone knows that the keys to success for a business person often boil down to one thing: location, location, location! A shared office space is no different: you need to be in a great location that is easy for clients to access. This coworking space is located in a convenient spot, right off of I-95. This location makes it easy for clients to access you at your office from a variety of areas, such as Boston, Lowell, Lexington, Wilmington, Woburn, Billerica, Bedford, Winchester and many other surrounding areas.

Shared kitchen – The shared kitchen access will give you everything you need in order to work a full day in the office, or if you happen to have important clients coming in then you can utilize the provided kitchen amenities to bring in and store special refreshments.

Front desk receptionist – If you would like to take your professionalism up a notch, then use a shared office space that boasts a receptionist. This person can meet and greet your guests and help to give a good impression to any potential future clients. A receptionist at this location is also able to sign for packages and store them in a secure location until you are able to pick them up.  This gives you the flexibility to move around as needed without feeling tied to your office on the day that you are expecting a delivery.

Free drinks – At any Office Evolution shared office space, you should always expect to receive free access to water, coffee and tea to help keep you focused and energized while you are working.

Access to a business lounge as well as a co-working space. Each person that is using a shared office pace has different needs. Some of them would prefer a private office space that will offer them the same amenities that they would get in a big bustling office space, even though they are a one man show. Other people prefer the community that is created with other entrepreneurs when they are working in an open area that encourages interaction as well as boosts productivity. Still others are more interested in the ability to boost their image with their clients by being able to meet with clients in a professional and cutting edge business lounge.  Fortunately, a shared office space is going to be able to meet all of these demands. There is something that will benefit every type of business person at Office Evolution in Burlington.

WiFi access – Whether you are operating your own small business or telecommuting into another larger company, you will likely need fast and reliable internet access. At Office Evolution you will get access to secure Wifi internet so that you can conduct your business efficiently.

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