Office Space Strategies to Improve Performance

The office is more than just a simple place where you hold the operations of your business. Look at your office, what do you see. If all you see are a collection of desks and chairs along with computers then you don’t get the bigger picture. Think of the office space like the inside of your house. The atmosphere and setting inside can be quite influential. Believe it or not, a well set up office area can improve the performance of your employees and even help the workday go by more smoothly. So how does one improve the setting of the office in such a way that these benefits can be experienced? Let’s take a look on hoe.

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First, think about the temperature inside your office. One of the important factors inside the office is the thermal comfort which is a combination of the right temperature, adequate airflow, and controlled humidity. Think of it like feeling warm and cozy on a cold day or feeling cool and fresh on a hot one. The reason employees complain about the thermal comfort in the office space is most likely due to poor airflow and high humidity.

A strategy that you can use to help your employees feel comfortable with the temperature is to make use of under floor air which improves air floor. You can also have enclosed areas like the conference room to have its own zoned temperature which can be manually adjusted. If you think there are places in the office that have poor airflow, consider putting up operable windows.

Let’s move on to the entering of daylight into the office and having views of nature in the outside. Most humans love having an office with a view and also having the right amount of sunlight coming in. You see, the sight of nature can help calm a person which in turn, helps distress your employees and help them become more productive.

To help with this, I have seen office spaces that make use of indoor plants so as to replicate outside nature. It has also been said that people who have small plants by their desk or on top are more productive than those who don’t. In places in the office where privacy isn’t an issue, consider making use of glass windows with controllable window treatments. Allow your employees to adjust the window blinds to their preference so as to let the right amount of sunlight in and also help provide a view of the outside. I have also seen offices that have an outdoor area for employees to get some fresh air.

Finally, let’s talk about color in the office. Try to imagine working in an office that has little or no color at all, kind of boring right? It is said that different colors can influence the person. Try using bright colors like red as this can help your employees focus on their tasks. The color blue can help calm down a person so consider painting your break room as so. Yellow can help with being alert and also make the person think clearer.

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