Office Space Tips to Improve Employee Performance

What is an office? Is it a place where employees come to everyday? Is it a collection of chairs and desks? What do you think an office is? It is more than just a set of desks and chairs, more than just a simple workplace. You should treat your office space like how you treat your home. How everything is set, how everything is laid out, can be quite influential to what goes on inside the office space. What do you think the atmosphere of an office should be like?

Did you know how an office is set up can affect how the workday hoes and how employees work? A number of companies have made use of this and invested well into the office. So what can you do to make your office more work appropriate? Here are some tips that you should take note of.

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The first thing you should work on is the temperature inside your office space. This corresponds to the thermal comfort your employees feel which takes into account the airflow, the humidity, and the temperature of the area. To improve the thermal comfort inside your office space, you will want to make use of under floor air which can help improve the flow of air at the foot level. Adjust the thermostat to the comfortable temperature that isn’t too warm or too cold.

The second thing is the natural lighting within the office. I’m sure everyone likes having some sunlight enter and even have a nice view outside the office. Exposure to natural lighting can even help de-stress a person. To allow more natural lighting into your office, it is recommended that you have an office space with more windows. You may also consider getting operable window treatments that can help some light come in as well. Another thing you can do is make use of more office plants inside the office. It has been found that having office plants can increase the productivity of a person.

Next, you should make use of color. Office spaces that are absent of color are boring and even make employees feel more tired and you don’t want that. I recommend that you make use of colors like red, and other bright colors. These colors will help your employees focus better on their tasks and have more accuracy in doing it. To help your employees calm down and relax, use blue in your break room.

Finally, you should also consider how the office area is arranged. Is it efficient? A badly set up office space can really affect day to day operations. You will want your employees to be able to move around more smoothly inside the office and have ready access to the equipment they need. This can cut the time and effort moving around the office and reduce chances of anyone bumping into each other.

So take note the next time you are doing some renovations in the office, temperature, lighting, color, and arrangement. Taking note of those can really help you improve the space to make it more efficient.

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