Plumber Marketing Will Help You Catch Fish

We’re all in this together, we gotta find a way to coexist and still get everything that we need. Sure, we live in a society where competition is encouraged, and there are indeed, some very dark and terrible side-effects of that but that’s coming from the dark hearts and intentions of some of the people involved, not the concept of competition. SOS calls on fishing boats go out all the time at sea and although a lot of times, the boat captains don’t like each other, that doesn’t overcome a sense of duty and good will to their fellow shipmen, they won’t let them perish, they’ll save them every time. I’m sure that they do this for at least several reasons, but I bet that the main one is that they simply know what it’s like to be in their distressed shipmate’s shoes, the same boat, so to speak, to use a more appropriate analogy in this case. I think that we can all do a better job of trying to put ourselves in each other’s shoes, so we can try to empathize and understand where each other are coming from.

Anyone who’s ever started, owned or lost a business, knows things that people in the same boat are trying to figure out still. In combination with the boat analogy, I’m going to use the plumbing business to explain some things since it’s what I know. I know who my competition is, but I was always the big dog in town until gradually, it felt like everyone was catching up, catching all my fish. I didn’t understand why until I found what they were now doing that I wasn’t, and that was the only difference.plumber SEO That difference was that they were using plumber marketing on the internet, and I was not. I mean, I had a website and everything, I knew that was important but before I found the Plumber Marketing Gurus, I know now that I had absolutely no clue.

After making initial contact with them, I was already feeling a whole lot better about righting my ship and getting back out onto the sea to start snatching more fish than ever before. I explained that my business had been floundering for a little while now and it had just gotten to the point that it began to feel that it was unsustainable. Well, now I know that plumber SEO is no joke and although I never saw an SEO company as my fellow fisherman, they helped me in ways that no one else ever would have, they saved me. We can’t depend on someone else to bail us out when we get in trouble all the time, but there are some good people out there who can throw us a life saver to hold onto until they pull you back aboard, so you can do your job better than you were ever capable of before. It doesn’t matter what analogy you use or understand, just realize that you’re not alone, go out and get the help you need to succeed and you’ll catch all the fish you could ever dream of.