Taking Care of Your Mouth and Braces

When you have braces on, it is important that you take care of it as well as keep your mouth healthy. If you don’t follow proper practices, you might end up suffering from other oral problems like tooth decay or gum disease. For you to really maintain your oral health while wearing braces, here is what you can do to keep a healthy smile and preventing those braces from getting damaged.

Once you get braces fitted on, it is important you regularly visit the dentist to maintain your braces and check up how your teeth are doing. When you meet up for a dental appointment, your dentist will tighten the braces and make sure the braces are working properly. You should go see your dentist every six to eight weeks so that it will be easier dealing with the treatment.



If your habits include biting your nails, chewing pencils and pens, then you should make it a point to stop doing these. You might one day unconsciously damaged your brace or cut the wire. If the wire gets cut it could poke your mouth which really hurts.

One of the most important practices to keep and enforced once having braces is the cleanliness of the mouth. When you eat, food can get stuck to one of the brackets so you must make use of the cleaning tools to pick these out. Take note that you shouldn’t immediately brush after a meal, this can be bad for your teeth. If you don’t follow good oral hygiene while wearing braces, you might suffer from other dental problems like gum problems, decaying tooth, and the decalcification of your teeth. If your teeth decalcify (lose calcium), there will be visible spots once the brackets are removed. If you have concerns about your oral health, don’t be afraid to go visit a dentist or orthodontist to discuss the matter. Just don’t forget to clean your braces as well as brush and floss to keep the teeth healthy.

When cleaning, don’t miss any spots especially around the teeth and the gums holding it in place. The cleaning must be thorough to remove all food particles and prevent further dental problems.

If you happen to lose or damage one of the brackets, you should immediately go to your orthodontist. You should not wait until the next scheduled appointment. Because if one of the components of the braces is compromised, it’s whole functionality is affected. If this happens, your teeth might go back to their original alignment which can be a problem. Just expect to be charged if you are coming in to have a bracket replaced or repaired.

Your orthodontist will provide you with the proper tools to care and clean your braces with. You can get an interdental brush which is really effective in getting your teeth clean with braces. These can also clean the brackets and wires of the brace. You can find some tablets which stain any plaque in the mouth so that you can see them better and properly clean them out.

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