The best collateral marketing materials include label magnets

label magnets

Businesses are always looking for the next big way to get ahead and get noticed in a competitive business world. With so many options for consumers and so many businesses who will undercut price and sometimes even service in order to wrangle new customers, it can be difficult for any business, especially new ones, to gain a good and solid consumer base. A good way to this, is by having top of the line marketing and collateral materials. Gone are the days where flyers and pamphlets were acceptable tools for communication. Now, consumers like useful items that feel like free swag. Items like bags and label magnets are popular because they become part of a potential customer’s everyday life, reminding them that the company exists.  Here are a few products that are popular swag for new customers:

  • Tote bags- Tote bags are a great item because of the uptick in people who are trying to reduce their waste and carbon footprint. Particularly if a company prides itself in being environmentally friendly, tote bags, like the canvas ones with a logo, area good choice. Potential customers can use them for groceries, a lunchbox, gym bag and more. Plus, they will be seeing the company’s logo every day.
  • Pens- Even in this digital day and age, everyone can still use a pen. Pencils are more obsolete because they require sharpening and that is hard to find on the go. A pen, however, is great to keep in a bag, car, office or home as way to remind a potential customer about a company.
  • Magnetic labels– Nearly everyone has a refrigerator and nearly everyone will pop a magnet onto it if they get one. Since people need to eat every day, it is a smart investment for a business to make magnetic strips with their logo or contact information. People often go to their refrigerator multiple times a day, making it prime marketing real estate. They’re also cheap to make in large batches and easy to give out or send in the mail, making it one of the most cost effective marketing tools.
  • Chapstick- If someone gets a free tube of chapstick, they will use it. Throwing it away seems wasteful and everyone could use an extra, on the go way to take care of their lips and skin. Chapstick is small and cheap and can be put in any bag or desk drawer. Especially popular in winter or dry climates, chapstick is a good way to remind customers of a brand whenever they are using it.
  • Water bottle- Staying hydrated is so important and everyone knows it. While water bottles can be a bit more on the expensive side for companies to purchase initially, the return on investment is good because water bottles last a long time.

There are many ways to reach out to potential customers that are more fun and creative than a generic flyer or brochure. Flyers and brochures often get thrown away because of the fact that so many people are overwhelmed by mail and other paper in their lives. By thinking of something more long lasting and useful, a business can really increase their marketing.

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