People have always suffered from back pain, and doctors and other back specialist have been trying to combat the issue for hundreds of years. Recent years have seen some of the most incredible breakthroughs in the battle against back pain that modern man has ever witnessed. Perhaps the most developments that have been made in the world of back pain control have been done through back pain clinics such as,  You see, it wasn’t until a few decades ago that clinics began to form which focused specifically on back pain issues. In the past, general physicians were who most people went to see when they had back issues. While general doctors did offer a lot of help to people before more specific care was made available, they tended to rely on medication to treat the symptoms of back pain, instead of eliminating it at its source. Modern back clinics have begun to use surgical operations as their most essential tool against back pain, and the surgeries have become very advanced indeed. Here we talk about some of the new methods being used in back pain surgery, some of which have only started being used in the last few years.

Lasers are now the tool of choice when doctors have to operate on the back. Since there are few areas of the body which hold so many different nerve dense areas as the back, operating on the back has always proved to be a serious challenge. In especially dangerous areas, such as the spine, the use of a scalpel has been not only difficult, but dangerous as well. Modern lasers have become the go to tool for back surgeons today, as they allow the doctors to make the smallest opening possible when they operate. Smaller opening mean that patients have shorter recovery times. Surgical operations such as spine surgery are also fare safe when using lasers because lasers are operated through a computer mapped system that helps eliminate human error during the operation.  Lasers have only begun to appear as the prominent surgical tool for back surgeons in the last few years, but they are sure to become more and more common as medical schools around the world have started to instruct their students on how lasers can be used instead of other traditional instruments.

Back pain surgery has also been revolutionized by the way in which doctors and nurses carryout the recovery of patients after the surgery. It used to be that once a patient came out of surgery they would be sent to their homes where they had to remain bed ridden for as long as it took for their bodies to heal. Today the method is totally different from the past, as patients are given intense physical therapy during the time following their operation. The human body has to be conditioned to work properly, and that is something which must occur during the healing phase after an operation. Modern back surgeons are now convinced that the time following an operation is as crucial to the overall success of the procedure as the surgery itself.

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