The simplicity of the 2 light vanity light just works. are hundreds of talented designers in the world that work very hard to create intricate pieces of home decor. They might work for years on a particularly complicated design that they plan to use on counter tops or tiles, only to release it and realize that people really aren’t that interested in it. Some people really like the busy sorts of things, the paintings with lots going on or the jackets with tons of designs all over them. What designers are missing though when they design other aspects of home decor to match this busyness is that while people may like busy, they generally don’t like it on things that are a part of their home. They might like busy on a painting that they hang on the wall, but they don’t like it when it comes to the tiles on their kitchen floor. Instead, most people are attracted to simple, elegant, and classy things when it comes to most parts of their home decor.

A great example to prove this point is theĀ 2 light vanity light. A 2 light vanity light is exactly what it sounds like: a set of two lights that goes directly over the vanity. When it comes to simple designs and simple light fixtures, it really doesn’t get much more simple than the 2 light vanity light. However, despite it’s relative simplicity, it’s easily one of the best selling types of light fixtures on the market. Designers can do all that they want to create extravagant vanity light fixtures, but the simplicity of the 2 light vanity light is always going to appeal to a huge number of people. Part of the appeal is that it’s so simple that virtually anything else can go in the bathroom and it looks great. When you purchase a really complicated light fixture to go over your vanity you then have to buy very specific things to go in the rest of the bathroom to make it match. Yet when you buy a simple 2 light vanity light you can then paint the walls any color you like or install any sorts of tiles you want because they aren’t going to clash with the light fixture.

Part of the appeal with the 2 light vanity light as well is that it gives off not too much light and not too little, but instead just the right amount. When you walk into a bathroom with a 2 light vanity light you don’t have any problem seeing yourself in the mirror, and you also aren’t blinded by a bunch of light coming right at you. One of the most popular of such lights is theĀ 2 light brushed nickel vanity. The simple look of the brushed nickel goes perfectly with the simple design and function of the two lights. While there are of course people out there who purchase the really complicated and multi-light vanity lights, there aren’t nearly as many as the designers would have you think. Instead, it’s the 2 light vanity light that has proven to be timeless.

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