There are many products involved with GPS tracking and fleet management

When it comes to fleet management and GPS tracking, then there are many different products involved that you can find for the variety of solutions offered. Fleet management includes the management of anything within your commercial fleet. This can include planes, trains, and automobiles as well as trucks and other types of commercial vehicles. The management requirements can include things such as managing the vehicle financing as well as the vehicle maintenance. It can also include managing the logistics of the vehicles while also managing the fuel and other details about all of the vehicles involved. You can also expect to manage the drivers of a fleet, even managing their location and outfitting them with GPS tracking devices. fleet management

If you are managing a fleet and interested in learning more about the many products that are involved with GPS tracking and fleet management, then you will need to research all of the solutions and products that come along with GPS tracking and fleet management. These are vital in many different industries and are especially vital within the GPS tracking for oil and gas as well as oil and gas fleet management. Listed here are many of the products that you can expect to find with GPS tracking and fleet management.

  1. worldVIEW. This is a type of real time geospatial dashboard that is used to consolidate all of your data onto one device and can show you through an easy to read and understand map along with an analytic reporting guide. This should be your central resource for all of your fleet management tools including fleet management and safety, remote worker safety, asset monitoring and security, product reporting and analysis, and mobile workforce automation.
  2. ROVR. This is a real time onboard vehicle reporting system. This is designed to report where your vehicles are at all times. This helps to improve fleet safety and will also help you reduce costs as you can now monitor drive times, speeds, and fuel used at all times from one device.
  3. ROVR SL. This is another type of monitoring system that is one step up from the ROVR. This is a satellite based system that works to keep your fleet’s location on one single dashboard.
  4. SPOT. This is a satellite based communication system that will help to ensure the safety of all of your remote workers. This will help them stay accountable while also providing the opportunity to cover any dead spots so that they can reach help if there is any type of emergency.
  5. globalTAG. This is a product that helps with tracking and managing mobile assets. Mobile assets can be tracked and managed through a single device with this tool and can also be integrated into the geospatial global dashboard.

As you can see, there are many different types of product solutions for fleet management opportunities. If you are looking for a company that provides all of the solutions listed above, then you need to contact the experts over at Cartasite. They are the leading experts in global tracking and fleet management.