1. Modern medical developments have made it possible for brain surgery to be performed with a minimal risk to the safety of the patient. Fifty years ago brain surgery would have only been considered if all other treatment options for the patient had been determined as unsuccessful. Modern day brain surgery has almost nothing in common with how things were done in the field in the past. There have been more advancements made in the field of brain surgery than any other single area of medicine that we have today. Operations that once brought serious risk to the patient’s health are now performed with a minimal level of risk, and there are even many kinds of brain surgery which are in fact less dangerous to a patient than other types of traditional surgery that were once seen as very safe alternatives. Another area of brain surgery that has mad amazing strides is recovery time. It used to be that any operation involving the brain meant that the patient would need to spend a lengthy amount of time in a clinic recovering from the operation. Projected recovery times were once so long that unless the situation was seen as life threatening, then the surgery was avoided at all costs. Today, clinics like offer a number of brain surgeries that allow the patient to return to their homes the very same day they are operated on. Much of the difference in recovery time is due to the technological advancements that have been made in the surgical tools used today for the operations. Less invasive tools mean that many kinds of brain surgeries do not require serious incisions to be made, and there are even operations that are made with small tools inserted through a patient’s nose or through a vein, which make it possible to perform a great many operations with no openings at all. The simpler the surgeries become, the more often doctors are likely to recommend them to their patients for lots of different problems.
  2. Brain treatment involving surgery has gone down in cost a great deal as well, making it more accessible to the average person. In the past brain surgery was not only dangerous, it also was extremely expensive. There were only a handful of doctors that worked in the field of brain surgery, and fewer doctors meant a more exclusive area of medicine. Today, brain surgery is one of the most common fields of study for new doctors. There is no shortage of brain surgeons working today, and no shortage of funds for the development of better methods for brain treatments.
  3. Brain surgery is used in a wider range of treatments than it once was. Today, brain surgery may be recommended for the treatment of everything from back pain, to mobility problems, not to mention all of the areas relating directly to the brain itself. The list of medical issues that can be greatly helped with the aid of brain surgery is ever expanding, making brain surgery even more common with time.
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