Tips for Pricing your Office Cleaning Services Easier

In order for a business to become successful and develop it will need to make a lot of income. Commercial cleaning businesses have a lot of potential to make a lot of income with the right employees at hand. Other companies and businesses have a need for commercial cleaning services to help maintain the cleanliness of their offices. The great thing about running your own cleaning businesses is that you get to enjoy some freedom but still be able to make some income passively.

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With commercial cleaning businesses being so lucrative success should be easy. However, the success of cleaning businesses lies on how they price their cleaning services to their clients. Businesses that have rates that are too low will miss out on potential revenue, but if you price your services too high, you won’t be able to attract any clients to your services. Pricing can your cleaning services can be a challenge so here are some tips that you can take note of when deciding on your business’ cleaning rates.

1.) Set a price based on the total area of the office space – One of things you can base your rates on is the total area of your client’s space. When you establish a price per square foot it will be easier to compute the total bill for your client. The usual price per square foot that many commercial cleaning businesses charge is fifty cents. Commercial cleaning businesses can easily ask the client about the total area of the office and then be able to compute the bill beforehand.

2.) Have a price rate based on time – Another approach you can take to calculating the total cost is to have an hourly rate. The price range of this rate may also depend on the complexity of the cleaning job especially with offices that have numerous chairs and desks, carpeting and wood floors that need proper cleaning, and etc. Many commercial cleaning businesses that use hourly rates charge between $20 and $25. The longer it will take to clean the space the more money can be made.

3.) Offer lower rates for clients who frequently request services – Usually commercial cleaning businesses have a once-a-week service to their clients, but there are also times when clients will request cleaning services more frequently. Since offices that are cleaned more often become less dirty, you can offer a lower price for a second cleaning in the week provided it fits the schedule. If the usual charge is $75 for once a week, you can charge them $10 to $20 off for an additional day within the week.

5.) Offer any additional services in the bid – The basic package many commercial cleaning businesses offer is already enough to keep an office looking spick and span. However, there are clients that would want additional services which can include sanitizing work and baseboard cleaning. In order to tend to the needs of your client, you should include a list of additional services you can offer outside the basic package with their listed price.

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