UA testing facilities such as, have been making major changes in the way they conduct their UA testing processes, changes which are making UA testing more covenant for the clients. The reason for the changes which are taking place within the UA testing industry have been brought about by the increase in the level of competition which exists within the industry today, as more and more companies and agencies require UA testing, and more testing facilities open up in order to capitalize on that demand. In this article we will explore a few of the ways in which UA testing processes have become more client-friendly in recent years.

Not long ago, a company that wanted UA testing done would have had to send their staff to a testing facility in order for the samples to be collected, a task which might have taken an entire day to accomplish. Most large testing facilities have made it easier for companies to test their employees, by sending teams out to the offices and collecting samples right at the company’s location. There is no reason why samples much be collected in a specific place, as the facility is just an area for carrying out the urinalysis. Allowing companies to have their testing done at their own location helps save time and money. There are also UA testing agencies which send companies sample collection containers which can be filled and sent back to the lab, making unannounced drug testing all that much easier for the companies.

Significant improvements made in technology have helped bring down the cost of testing by a huge margin. Almost all major companies want toxicology testing done on their staff, but until recently only a small portion of companies had the resources to be able to perform testing. Large urine testing facilities have cut all unneeded expenses from the tests they offer in order to bring down the cost and make the service available for all people. Smart business people within the UA testing industry correctly predicted that if UA testing could be made more affordable, the number of clients the industry would gain would more than make up for the reduced prices they were charging. The number of people undergoing UA testing in 2001 was around five million per year, compared with today which has around 20 million people annually undergoing urine testing.

UA testing has changed the way they bring their reports to clients as well. In the past, the reports which UA test clinics presented their clients were confusing, and often lead to misunderstanding about the findings. Today’s reports state if a substance was found in the subject’s system or not, nothing else. The fact that reports have been made less confusing has helped employers from making mistakes when undertaking the hiring process.

As the need for UA testing continues to grow we are likely to see the industry become even more client friendly. UA testing companies know that they have to continue to evolve and provide better services in order to keep up with the times.

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