What sets a great commercial contractor apart from a mediocre one, and how to tell at a glance

So, your company is ready to get started with a new commercial construction project. This is an exciting time! Maybe you are developing a new apartment complex to rent in an up and coming city. Perhaps you are working in building renovation on a theater space that needs some extra work before it is functional. Do you have a great vision for a new public health space? Regardless of what your project looks like, you are going to need a top of the line commercial construction team to make it happen. It does not do to get just anyone to work on the project for you when there is so much on the line and so much at stake as a part of your project. After all, the investment you make in this work could make or break you, and without a certain amount of thoughtfulness about it, you could end up with a project that just doesn’t turn out the way you want it to.

So, what makes a great commercial construction team great? There are a lot of things http://www.gregorindustries.comthat set them apart,  but perhaps the most significant is the kind of projects that they have worked on. You want to find a team that is both specialized enough to do a great job on the specific kind of project you have, but you also want a team that has enough general contracting experience to get creative with your work. After all, who wants just any old new apartment complex to be built? You have a vision and a particular idea in mind when it comes to your project, and unless your contractor has that same vision and the ability to get creative in the execution, you are likely to end up disappointed. So, you are looking for both a wide range of capabilities and a depth of knowledge within those capabilities to leave you with a space that is aesthetically unique and creative as well as functional.

This is all well and good, but identifying a great team can be hard. Few of us know exactly what qualities speak to this breadth and depth without having worked with a contractor previously. This means that you are more than likely inexperienced with the indicators of success. A great example of a contractor that does these things well is Gregor Industries at www.gregorindustries.com, and they have a few key traits that are great indictors of their success. One surefire way to know that your commercial construction team is skilled in these areas is to check out their certifications and their portfolio, cross referencing the portfolio with third party sources. With Gregor Industries, for example, you can feel confident in their success as they have been verified by Bloomberg BusinessWeek and have been certified as a Certified Women’s Business Enterprise. The process of being certified is rigorous, to say the least, and this kind of process lets you know for sure that they can be trusted to work with. Look for these qualities and third party verifications with any company that you decide to partner with!