Why the triple bottom line matters when you buy office furniture.

While we all probably want to reduce our overall impact on the environment, it can certainly be a challenge to see the impact of our purchasing decisions all the time. Indeed, while it might be easy to feel good about purchasing organic produce or choosing to put solar panels on your roof, it is not as easy to see how your purchasing decision when selecting a type of office furniture for your new business can impact the world around you. Indeed, this is perhaps the tragedy of these kinds of decisions. Without a direct statement helping us see how these decisions do make an impact, it can be hard to make the investment in a better product. That’s why MacBride Office Furniture at www.macbrideofficefurniture.com is such an incredible company to partner with. Their investment in the environment is clear in a multiplicity of ways, and when you make a purchase from them it is easy to see and feel your impact. Whether it is because you get to purchase high quality used cubicles or perhaps purchase LEED certified new furniture, sustainability is a priority for MacBride Office Furniture and you can feel that pride in the purchases you make.

You might wonder why this adherence to the principles of the “triple bottom line” as it is called is something to write home about. After all, they are a company based in the Bay http://www.macbrideofficefurniture.comArea, and paying attention to the environment is probably something that helps them gain new clients. Indeed, while this might be the case, it is not easy to get LEED Certified, and it is more expensive to maintain this triple bottom line as a part of your business model. With this in mind, it is admirable that MacBride Office Furniture even wants to make this a priority, and it is really important that customers support their investment in this kind of work. By paying attention to the way they do business and supporting environmental practices, you know that when you make a purchase from MacBride, you are making an impact.

Perhaps the best part about this model is that there are still many choices available for you when deciding on the office furniture that is right for your business or office space. You can decide to buy used cubicles that have MacBride’s stamp of approval. You could by refurbished cubicles that have been given a second opportunity to be used, taking that principle of reusing items to the next level. You could buy a new cubicle or piece of office furniture that is LEED Certified, so you know that when that piece of furniture can no longer be used, its parts can be recycled and used again in order to prevent more trash from going into our landfills. You can see that it is easier than you might imagine to make a good environmental decision when you purchase office furniture. Plus, if you choose to buy used you will save money, and if you choose to buy LEED certified new, you might qualify for tax credits. Think of all the great benefits!