Why We Have Pink Shutters All Over our House

Pink shutters. That’s what my daughter wants for her room. Well, if we have pink shutters for her room, we might as well have pink shutters for all windows in our home. My husband was laughing at the idea until we had pink shutters in our home.


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It’s ridiculous but I find it quaint and weird, to be honest. Now we don’t spoil our kids, but Sarah is in the spectrum, a highly functioning one, and I thought, this might mean the world to her. Hence, pink shutters we’ll have.

I tried to convince her to choose another color, but she would not budge. She’s twelve now and doing quite well in school, so I thought this could be our reward to her. Even my husband’s home office has pink shutters. A fact that amuses his clients, to no end. Did I mention that he is a lawyer?

Well, we got ours from www.blindsnshades.org and so far we are quite happy with our window solutions. I did get some Hunter Douglas shades for the kitchen, and they look nice especially in the dining room.

I have learned a lot as a parent to a child who has autism. It’s a struggle sometimes, but it also brings out the best in me as a mother and as a person. Our daughter is our youngest child and so much younger than her two older brothers. We had her when I was menopausal. The doctors warned me of the statistical probability of delivering a child with special needs but I thought, an abortion is out of the question. I will raise my child as I would any of my children – the best way I could as a mother.

Oh there were trying times, especially when we are out in public. But if there is one thing that technology has provided us, is that it has given us the platform to promote awareness for children with autism. Studies show that they tend to get bullied by other children and it’s not because other children are bad or were raised the wrong way. They just needed a better understanding of their peers who are not like the rest of them.

Sarah is very good in music and math. But she has difficulty with the rest of the subjects in school. She does not have the patience for reading literature that we have resorted to getting her audio books. She is functional so she can comprehend reading materials provided she hears it on audio.

We’re fortunate to have enrolled her at a school very near our home, and that she’s assigned a teacher who is patient and loving to her. Her classmates seem to have a better appreciation of her compared to her previous school. So I don’t fret as much as I used to, because I know she is in good hands.

She is such a joy to our family and whenever I see the pink shutters, I smile, and feel so glad that I did not listen to the doctors to terminate my pregnancy. It may not be a walk in the park most times, but having a child like Sarah just makes me want to be a more loving and caring mother. I have gained a lot from having her in our lives.


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