Why you might need an asset protection lawyer

The American tax system has purposely been made so confusing and so difficult to deal with in order to help big companies pay as little taxes as possible and encourage big companies (which also then tend to be big employers) to come to one state or another. While these complications and weird paths might make it easier for companies to get away with things, our tax and financial laws can also be used in a way that can be rather helpful for individuals as well. All that you need to make the current financial and tax system work for you is to have a financial planner and an asset protection lawyer or a trust lawyer on your side to help guide you through the system.

offshore tax attorneySince the tax and asset protection system is so complex and variant, it really makes it important for anyone that wants to play around in this field to have a professional trust lawyer or asset protection lawyer on their side. If they try to do this kind of thing on their own without any help from someone who really knows what they are doing, it can end up not working out exactly like you planned. Professionals like the asset protection attorneys at J.R. Matsen can help you navigate your finances and your asset protection plan so that you don’t have to worry later on that something is not going to work out like you had hoped or expected.

The reason that asset protection trusts are so popular with many people who are trying to get their finances in order is because they can do a lot to help protect your money while still falling into a legal loophole. An asset protection trust is just like any other kind of trust but it splits the legal ownership of the trust from the trust assets. This means that the people or person who is going to be the beneficiary of the trust is not the person who owns the legal title to the trust. This weird division provides a way for people to put their money away somehow without having to worry that it can be touched by angry exes during a divorce or less than patient collectors who are trying to collect a long due debt.

There are a number of specific rules and allowments that come with an asset protection trust as you might imagine. This is why if you are considering setting up an asset protection trust, you should consult with an asset protection attorney like one of the team from J.R. Matsen to get a bit of guidance on the process and your decisions. Tax law is one of the more difficult things to try and navigate through and so it is incredibly important that you know what you are doing and how you can make your way around without making any false steps. You will be thankful that you gave it a chance later on when you are able to feel more secure about your financial decisions and stability.


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